Security Outdoor Lighting Services

Security Outdoor Lighting Services2023-05-04T11:35:44-04:00
Landscape Lighting Charlotte NC

Never worry about getting robbed or your home being invaded again because your lights are out with the smart technology of our outdoor security lighting system! Light up dark spots on your property and enjoy a hassle-free experience with our smart lighting system.

Outdoor security lighting does not just help keep your property safe after dark; it also increases the safety of your commercial building or property. Palmetto Outdoor Lighting has a wide selection of building LED lights and outdoor motion sensors, flood lights, and patroller lights. You’ll find the perfect one to suit your needs here.

All of the outdoor security lights we offer are of high quality and have extensive warranties covering exterior usage. They come with low-voltage options, weather protection, and more. This adds to their longevity and effectively extends the life expectancy of these lights years past their typical lifespan.

Light Up Your Landscape With Your Security Cameras

Planning your outdoor lighting will help you put your best foot forward by highlighting the features to make your home look chic and attractive while also providing light, safety, and security. Choose an excellent exterior security light that’ll illuminate the different areas outside and offer visibility and extra safety where it’s needed.

Protect Your Home or Business with Security Cameras

Palmetto Outdoor Lighting provides innovative solutions to modernize your home or business. Our team of experts specializes in creating the best possible security cameras for your property that provide full HD surveillance and light up your landscape with the help of solar power.

Solar Power

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our systems are always ready for you, no matter how many hours of light remain. With our systems, you no longer need to worry about having enough power for your cameras! Who knows when a power outage will happen?

Spectacular Design

Our team works with you to create a creative design that is uniquely suited to your property. Whether it’s an outdoor camera or a security system, we’ll find the best lighting solution for you.

Security Cameras

Palmetto Outdoor Lighting is confident in our ability to provide you with the best solution in terms of quality, durability, and aesthetics. You can rest assured that these solar-powered security cameras will keep an eye on your property and generate high-quality surveillance footage all month long!

Before and After Outdoor Lighting Charlotte NCBefore and After Outdoor Lighting Charlotte NC

Hover/Touch to View at Night

Lighting that Cares About You

We have been servicing customers throughout the Charlotte, NC area, so trust us to provide you with a reliable service that has the expertise to create a safe and secure outdoor environment.

Call us at (704) 387-3282 for the best security outdoor lighting systems in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

What is outdoor security lighting?2023-05-04T11:04:34-04:00

Outdoor security lighting is a type of lighting that is installed on a property to illuminate the outdoor area. It has been designed to provide light in areas where needed, such as along the driveway, porch, or roof of the home.

What are the best outdoor lighting fixtures for security?2023-05-04T11:07:06-04:00

Outdoor security lighting is necessary for any home or business to protect it from burglars and other criminals. Security lights can help prevent crime and act as a deterrent. They also can provide visibility and make the area safer at night.

Three Main Types of Outdoor Security Lights

The first is motion-activated lights, which turn on when someone enters the area they are illuminating. These lights are best used around doors and windows, where they can show a person entering that boundary.

A second type of light is an outside porch light or floodlight, which can be aimed away from the building to make visibility easier and deter criminals. This type of light typically has a sensor to disable it when no one is around or when it does not detect movement for 10 minutes to save energy.

The last type is an outside wall-mounted floodlight, which can illuminate a large outdoor space area. Outdoor security lights are usually wired and controlled by a switch, with the option of being plugged into the electrical outlet.

Solar-powered floodlights do not need a power source to operate, but they can become hot if they remain on for too long or if it is too dark outside.

Where should outdoor security lighting be placed?2023-05-04T11:09:01-04:00

Outdoor security lighting is an essential part of a well-lit landscape. Proper lighting helps deter crime, creates safer neighborhoods, and creates a better night-time environment.

Outdoor lighting should be installed in areas needing additional light, such as near entranceways and walkways, recreational areas, and sidewalks adjacent to parking lots. It can also be used in areas with little coverage, such as under trees or on the edges of buildings. In general, outdoor lighting should not be installed on vacant lots where there is no building or vegetation.

How much does using outdoor lights reduce the likelihood of burglaries?2023-05-04T11:10:55-04:00

Home invasions happen with alarming frequency. It’s normal to want to take additional measures to make sure your family is safe when you’re away or sound asleep at night.

Outdoor lights are a common feature of most homes, but their benefits can vary from property to property. A recent study found that using outdoor lights reduces the likelihood of burglaries by 34%.

Get Your Security Outdoor Lighting From Us!

Palmetto Outdoor Lighting is your premier source for residential and commercial outdoor lighting.

Safety, Low Prices, and Customer Satisfaction

At Palmetto Outdoor Lighting, we believe in making security the most affordable option for your home or business’s outdoor lighting. That’s why our rates are always competitive and our customer service is second to none.

Get Maximum Safety with Maximum Savings

We can help you make your home or business safer by installing motion-activated lights that turn on when there is motion in their proximity. For example, a camera set up over your porch could alert you anytime someone approaches your home.