Whether you’ve owned your home for a long time, are building a new house, or somewhere in between, we offer lighting tips to make your outdoor space shine. When you call Palmetto Outdoor Lighting, we will ask you about your current lighting and intended project. While some clients have a specific project, others know they want to update and ask us to recommend modern ideas. Together, we find what works for you, your family, and your space.

We will discuss your project with you. Are you looking to update outdoor lighting on the driveway, garage, and entryways? Is there an area designed for socializing that needs lighting? Would you like to extend outdoor playtime? We’re here for you. Our specialty is creating or improving the curb appeal and ambiance of your outdoor space.

1. Check the Practical…then Get Creative

It sounds a bit boring, but to make your outdoor space shine, we’ve got to start with practical lighting. This includes lighting the front entrance, parking area, and driveway. This will give your property more curb appeal while making it safer. Without proper lighting, your home is more likely to be broken into and may have areas that are darker where you or your guests can trip and fall. Look at the lighting in the entrances and exits; we may be able to create a safer place. Then, we can get creative with the yard’s pool, play, and entertaining areas.

2. Consider How the Space Might be Used

We don’t mean you need to know all the versions of how the outdoor space shines. Instead, let’s talk about how you want to use the space. Are you entertaining large parties or smaller family gatherings? Would you like a place to read? Do you need lighting around the pool? Would you enjoy walking paths lit? Do you want to extend outdoor playtime? Is there any element you’d like to hide or highlight? Having an idea of how you’d like to utilize the space will help the team at Palmetto Outdoor Lighting find the best solutions for your needs.

3. Highlight Architectural Elements

Think of your yard like a museum with lighting on specific art pieces. When you sit in your outdoor space, which areas do you want to be highlighted? Garden walls, poolside walkways, fountains, or specific seating areas may need attention to lighting detail. When you entertain, what are areas that get too dark? Do you wish you had lights on a specific fountain or artistic area of the yard? That’s where we can highlight architectural elements to make the area more appealing and inviting.

4. Utilize Timers

Whether home or not, your yard, driveway, and walkways will be lit from sunset to sunrise or whatever time you decide. You may also select a schedule that is energy efficient and allows wildlife like fireflies and birds to have a break from manmade lighting. You can, for example, have select lights on a timer while others, like the pool lights, are turned on manually. That way, you won’t be lighting up the entire yard when you’re not home, but you will still be safe with lights on.

5. Be Flexible

The way the outdoor space is utilized will change over time, as will the lighting. We do our best to provide lighting solutions that are functional for today and changeable for the future so that as your family grows and changes, we can continue to create an outdoor oasis you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Making your outdoor space shine is about safety as well as design. Let’s create a space where you and your family want to spend time.


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