We’re all eager to embrace the outdoors as the weather warms up, but is your backyard truly ready for the summer fun? From the allure of pool lighting and the vibrant atmosphere created by party music to the beauty of summer landscaping, Palmetto Outdoor Lighting is here to ensure you have what you need for unforgettable staycations and parties.

Pool Lighting

Our article Professional Pool Lighting for Summer Parties detailed the importance of having more than a couple of lights in and around your pool.

Number one is that lighting provides safety for swimmers and guests and avoids trip and fall accidents and injuries. Next, lighting effectively highlights areas surrounding the pool, such as a waterfall or plants, creating an artistic feel. Lastly, color-changing lights for specific holidays or themed parties bring a little extra something for guests to enjoy and get the conversation started, especially if you’re merging work, school, and family friends.

Pathway lighting also allows people to gather in areas around the pool where they may not have otherwise. Guests might want to hang out by the pool but not swim. They are sure to appreciate the extra ambiance, and, let’s face it, the safety of the added lights.


We know we are the pool and outdoor lighting experts, but we have resources to help us with landscaping, and love passing along information to you!

We’ve discussed having plants around the pool and using lighting to highlight areas, but what does it take for landscaping upkeep? While you can take care of flowers, bushes, trees, and vegetables yourself, the growing season is just about year-round. While possible, it can be overwhelming. We recommend researching and perhaps hiring a landscaper.

With so many people moving here from across the country, you might be new to caring for plants native to Charlotte. Using the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, we know we are in the 8a Zone. That means we can plant nearly year-round. Zone 8a is also suitable for flowers, bushes, and flowering trees throughout the year, except for a below-freezing winter, which is somewhat rare in the area.

What does that mean for your summer backyard parties? It means scheduling regular visits with a trusted landscaper throughout the year. This ensures everything is cut back at the right time of year and your yard looks its best for your summer soirees

Audio from Palmetto

While we’re wiring for lighting, we can also wire the backyard for audio so your party can look and sound like an award-winning event. Start making a summer party playlist to be showcased on your newly installed all-weather speakers.

  • Strategic placement for maximum music experience.
  • Natural landscape options include speakers shaped like rocks.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Connect speakers to a home theater system or outdoor projector for movie night.

Deliver high-quality sound regardless of the weather. Wind and rain can’t stop the party from happening if you’ve got audio designed specifically for the outdoors. For an extra wow at the party, make sure to have lights installed that can be synched to the music!

Not sure where to start? Call Palmetto Outdoor Lighting. We’ve got what you need to get your backyard ready for summer!

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