Outdoor security lighting is necessary for any home or business to protect it from burglars and other criminals. Security lights can help prevent crime and act as a deterrent. They also can provide visibility and make the area safer at night.

Three Main Types of Outdoor Security Lights

The first is motion-activated lights, which turn on when someone enters the area they are illuminating. These lights are best used around doors and windows, where they can show a person entering that boundary.

A second type of light is an outside porch light or floodlight, which can be aimed away from the building to make visibility easier and deter criminals. This type of light typically has a sensor to disable it when no one is around or when it does not detect movement for 10 minutes to save energy.

The last type is an outside wall-mounted floodlight, which can illuminate a large outdoor space area. Outdoor security lights are usually wired and controlled by a switch, with the option of being plugged into the electrical outlet.

Solar-powered floodlights do not need a power source to operate, but they can become hot if they remain on for too long or if it is too dark outside.