Scandinavians call the contentment that comes from life’s simple pleasures hygge. Pronounced “HOO-ga,” this is where you feel comfort. We believe that updating your outdoor lighting can create hygge, creating a comfortable space for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors. Transform your backyard into a place that is enjoyable and safe, especially in and around the pool.

Think about how you’d like to use the space. Is it for intimate dinners, large parties, or both? Would you like to highlight certain features of the yard? Do you want more safety features? Do you want to light the space year-round or close it up for the winter? Answering these questions will help you, and us, find the best outdoor lighting solutions to transform your backyard.

8 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

  1. Pathway lighting. While you may be changing the walkways around your property to have more curb appeal, LED, solar, or low-voltage pathway lights create a less dangerous path for you and your guests to walk around the yard.
  2. Accent lighting. Installing outdoor lighting that accents garden features, statues, and waterfalls adds an artistic flair to the area, highlighting eye-catching areas. This also prevents less attractive areas like storage or pool equipment from being seen.
  3. String lights. Create a magical atmosphere for a special occasion, summer parties, or year-round. If you’ve got an idea for this outdoor lighting, be sure to have the proper outlets for outdoors and poolside. Consider poolside, patios, pergolas, and trees as areas for these lights.
  4. Pool lighting. Consider more than what is available from the factory for pool lighting. Having additional lights in the pool makes it safer and can be a fun add-on at a themed party. It is easier to see who is in the pool and if they are safe, or need help, when there is additional lighting.
  5. Poolside lighting. Not only is it important to light the pool, but also to install poolside lighting, especially if you love night swimming or patio parties. This will prevent people from trip-and-fall accidents in and around the area.
  6. Backyard lighting. In addition to accent lighting, we recommend lighting the backyard so you can see others and, if you’re in a more rural area, see any critters that may want to join you. Recessed, step, and railing lights are recommended. For the larger area, there are options for uplighting that are less likely to bother the neighbors than the bright downlights, or floodlights, of our youth.
  7. Lanterns and Candlelight. Create hygge for any gathering when you bring out the lanterns and candle lights. These soften the ambiance creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.
  8. Motion sensor lighting. This outdoor lighting feature is an effective way to save energy while keeping your property safe. Because they’re not on all the time, less electricity is used. Motion sensor lighting is also used as a safety feature to prevent criminals from entering the property.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor lighting ideas to transform your backyard for summer parties, or throughout the year, Palmetto Outdoor Lighting is here to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to get started.

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